For all businesses, protecting your data against a cyber breach is of critical importance. No matter what industry you are in, your data has a value and like any valuable asset should be protected.

While there is never a way to 100% protect you against a cyber breach, there are many steps to be taken to reduce the risk of data loss.

PrivateCloudCo Secure has the following packages:

Secure - Business

Our Secure Business product provides IP address filtering and packet inspection capability as a standard.

Secure - Enterprise

In addition to the features of the Business product, Enterprise enables better protection from ransomware and phishing attacks. Built on the Axiom Shield next generation firewall and using Axiom's Polymorphic Cyber Defense Platform your business will have access to the latest threat information to reduce the risk of intrusion. 

Secure - Audit

We assess your current security model with our checklist that covers 10 typically vulnerable areas and give you a score out of 100. The report highlights to you the areas that should be corrected to provide a better level of protection.

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